Behind the Scenes: the Author and some of his most controversial investigations

SAS Killing House

I investigated the real story behind the famous Bravo Two Zero SAS special forces mission and the long battle by the British government to prevent the truth coming out. Here is world exclusive footage inside an SAS killing house and patrol member Mike Coburn, who bravely defied the government.

Scud Attack

I covered the 2003 Iraq war with TV3 reporter and newsreader Mike McRoberts and cameraman Michael ‘Dutchie’ Lacoste. The TV3 video shows our reaction during a terrifying few minutes after missile attack – one of a series of missiles fired by Saddam towards Kuwait.

Interview with the Editor

While I was editor of the New Zealand Herald, the country’s largest newspaper, we ran a number of successful campaigns. The interview with me here sums up my philosophy of journalism then and now.

Award Winning Television

Long term investigations are the most satisfying thing a reporter can do, and sometimes you even win awards. Here is a promo for an award winning report into the lethal sale of bogus helicopter parts.

Drug Billionaire Campaign

My battles to get stories published, often up against money and power. I fought hard to name an American billionaire who had got off scot free after importing drugs into NZ – an offence for which locals had been convicted and named.

Brighton No Go

One of my proudest moments in journalism was being part of the launch team that set up The Independent on Sunday as a new national newspaper in the UK. I was news editor and as such appeared on TV to defend one of our controversial campaigns, about no go housing estates.

Enemy of the State

The fascinating story of rogue Mi6 agent Richard Tomlinson. I did a world exclusive interview with him for the 2020 programme on the TV3 network.